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  • ab roller


    • AB ROLLER AND RESISTANCE BAND: Our ab roller set comes with 2 ab rollers and detachable resistance bands that allow you to strengthen your core and upper body while practicing endurance. Exercising and strengthening your core can reduce risk of back pain and help improve flexibility and overall posture. The rollers are compact and foldable so you can take it anywhere to do your workout. Knee pads are also included to protect your knees from the ground.
    • COMPREHENSIVE EXERCISE SET: These rollers utilize a new design that allows you to be more creative with your exercises than the original roller could. Along with the regular ab roller exercises, you can use our rollers as push up bars by retracting the smaller wheels, or separate them to do isolated arm movements. Connect them with the resistance bands and use them as handles for full body workouts. Resistance bands can also be used to lessen the difficulty of ab roller exercises.
    • UPGRADED ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Unlike regular ab rollers, our Nice C ab rollers are designed with 4 wheels so the rollers are more stable than the standard one-wheel structure. Instead of using one roller for both hands, each hand has its own roller for better balance and more versatile movements. The small wheels also retract so that you can use the rollers as a push up bar. The foam handles allow for a comfortable grip while also absorbing sweat.
    • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE: The Nice C ab roller has a triangle support design and a stainless-steel core that helps keep it sturdy and stable. The handles are made with a soft, absorbent foam for a comfortable grip, even when you’re sweating. The wheels are made with a solid rubber material that will not damage your floors. The anti-slip handles and the sturdy design allow you to do your workout worry-free.