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The Nice Choice provide Best Yoga Mat, Exercise Mat, Fitness Mat, ¼ inch Thick with Alignment Lines for your home, office exercise.


  • COMPREHENSIVE EXERCISE EQUIPMENT- This product can be worked together with a barbell, dumbbell, resistant band, and all other exercise equipment. It is perfect for improving overall health or encouraging weight loss. It also helps strengthen the upper body, core muscles, and lower body
  • NON-SLIP SAFE DESIGN: The slip-resistant material allows you to feel safe and be worry-free while doing your workout. Both sides of the mat had applied an anti-skid coat for a better standing experience. So, you can do exercise and avoid injuries or accidents.
  • HEAVY-DUTY & DURABLE: Our mat is made with industrial grade EVA foam which has better elastic and lasts longer. It is heavy-duty and durable that protects your fitness equipment and floor surfaces from scratches. The water-resistance feature greatly extends the mat’s using life.
  • SPACE SAVER & EASY CLEAN UP: To store away, simply roll your mat up and store away anywhere when not in use. Clean up is also easy: just wipe off with a towel or clean with soap and water, then leave it air dry.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Your satisfaction is our priority which is why we make sure that every product you receive from us is made with high quality raw materials and is defect free. Our yoga mat comes with a 30-Day warranty for manufacturing defects. Your purchase from us is risk free.

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Yoga mats are a near-perfect storm for harboring germs. When you practice, especially a more energetic style like power vinyasa or Bikram, you’re likely to sweat a lot. And when that sweat drips onto your mat, it can lead to bacterial growth and unwanted odors. It’s worth taking the time to wipe down your yoga mat briefly after every practice, as well as to give it a deep clean every month or so. Cleaning removes the buildup of dirt and sweat on your mat, which can keep your mat grippy and extend its life. In this article, we’ll show you how to do it.

Why you need to clean your yoga mat

To help avoid germs and nasty mat smells, properly clean your mat on a regular basis. Cleaning your yoga mat is particularly important if you’re practicing at a yoga studio where you share mats or props with others. The same rules still apply to your at-home practice, even if there’s a lower risk of cross-contamination. Remember: Cleaning doesn’t kill germs, but it does remove them, along with dirt and impurities, from a surface. To kill germs and help prevent the spread of infection, consider disinfecting your mat, as well. (Here’s overall guidance from the EPA on disinfectant use.)

Yoga mat cleaning options

Some yoga mats are more porous than others; closed-cell mats are thinner and water resistant, and thus won’t soak in liquid as quickly. Thicker yoga mats tend to have an open-cell construction, which means they can soak up more liquid and may retain more bacteria. Depending on the style of mat you have, there are a few different cleaning options.

How often should I clean my yoga mat? Wipe down your yoga mat briefly after every practice with a store-bought mat cleaner or a homemade cleaning solution. Once a month or so, give your yoga mat a deep cleaning to get rid of gunk that builds up over time. We’ll go over the details below.

Can I wash my yoga mat in the washing machine? Some mats can be washed in a front-loading washing machine, but others will break down if washed this way. Check the care instructions for your specific mat.


For Routine Cleaning

Whether you have a thick mat or a thin one, it’s a good idea to wipe down your mat after each practice. Consider using a DIY yoga mat cleaner after each practice, or a store-bought cleaner like Manduka’s Mat Renew. Mixing your own cleaner is easy to do with products you likely have around the house.

Bring a bottle of cleaner and a clean towel to your practice. Spray the cleaner on your towel, then use circular motions to clean your mat’s entire surface. Make sure to wipe both sides down before you roll up your mat at the end of practice.

Before you pick a cleaner, check your mat’s care instructions. Some brands don’t recommend vinegar-based solutions, for example, while others discourage high concentrations of essential oils.

For Deep Cleaning

You know it’s time to give your mat a more thorough cleaning when you start to see more dirt and grime on it. Look for discolored, dirty spots. Yogis who live in warmer locations or frequently practice in heated rooms may also want to deep clean their mats more often.

If you have an open-cell mat, consider cleaning it each month by submerging your mat in soapy water. Thinner, closed-cell mats will break down when submerged in water, so spot clean those kinds of mats instead.

To deep clean an open-cell yoga mat:

  1. Put the mat in a sink or bathtub filled with warm water and dish soap. You don’t need much soap—just 1 tablespoon for every gallon of water. (Avoid hot water, as it may damage the mat.)
  2. Submerge the mat in the water and allow it to soak for 5 minutes. Then lightly scrub it with a soft cloth.
  3. Rinse your mat with clean water to remove any soap residue.
  4. Once your mat is washed, shake it out. Then allow it to air dry for as long as it takes to be completely moisture-free.

To deep clean a closed-cell yoga mat:

  1. Lay your mat out on a flat surface.
  2. Mix warm water and a few drops of dish soap in a bowl. (Be careful not to add too much soap.)
  3. Dip the rag into the soapy water, then clean the mat from top to bottom, prioritizing dirty spots, using a circular motion.
  4. Wipe the mat clean with a towel.
  5. Air dry for at least 30 minutes.

How to dry and store your yoga mat

Make sure your yoga mat is completely dry before putting it away. A warm, damp mat can be a breeding ground for bacteria. To dry completely, hang your mat over the back of a chair or over a porch railing. Never put your yoga mat in the dryer. Once the mat is dry, roll it up tightly and store in a place with good ventilation. Open the mat every few weeks, even if you’re not using it, to allow air circulation.

If your mat starts peeling, or if pieces of it are sticking to your workout clothes, it’s time to buy a new mat.[/vc_toggle][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Dae HVerified owner
Fun and easy
I was really worried when I ordered this that it would be another thing I'd never use.I've been using it every chance I get, and am so happy to be wro...More
I was really worried when I ordered this that it would be another thing I'd never use.
I've been using it every chance I get, and am so happy to be wrong.

The mat itself is super lightweight, and the material is just the right balance of softness and firmness so it can cushion my feet and knees very comfortably without losing its shape or letting me sink to the floor. (For reference, I weigh over 200lbs, so it definitely supports weight.) I can focus on doing my exercises instead of hurting myself on a hard wooden floor. I've seen some people say they don't recommend doing jumping jacks, etc, on the mat, but I've done some without a second thought, and a lot of moving around, running in place, and the mat seems stable enough to me not to be a concern. In fact, since it cushions, I personally think it lessens the impact and makes moving around easier. But others using it should probably decide for themselves whether they want to do jumping/running-in-place exercises on the mat or not.

It unrolls really nicely and lays flat on the floor (with curled side facing down) and is also really easy to roll up again when it's time to put it away - no fighting with it or struggling to keep it rolled while you put the straps back on. Super easy. One of my other concerns was that it would get really dirty because my floors have a lot of dirt and dog hair, but at worst the mat is just a little dusty. Such a relief. I need to buy a vacuum next.
16 0
Thomas R PatchenVerified owner
Makes Exercising Much More Comfortable!
Middle aged spread has snuck up on me!... so I decided that in addition to eating a little less that I needed to work on strengthening my core muscles...More
Middle aged spread has snuck up on me!... so I decided that in addition to eating a little less that I needed to work on strengthening my core muscles. I started doing some exercises on the carpet a few weeks ago... but found it uncomfortable and decided to give this exercise mat a try. I'm six feet tall and the HemingWeigh mat is plenty long so I don't hang off the ends. The foam is high quality and thick and the bottom side is ribbed to prevent slipping. Most importantly it's comfortable and I actually look forward to stretching out on it and to work my core. I've even found myself just laying on it to watch tv a few times. The mat rolls up easily... but I just slide mine under the couch. I recommend this product and think it's a good value.
5 0
Richard SVerified owner
Thicker with a better feel when exercising
Mat really is extra thick. I'm not sure if it is the extra 1/4' or density, but the mat is much more resilient than a previous mat. I noticed more cus...More
Mat really is extra thick. I'm not sure if it is the extra 1/4' or density, but the mat is much more resilient than a previous mat. I noticed more cushion when doing exercises and a firmer feel. My immediate sign of a better mat was a lack of pain on a pressure sensitive lumbar area that has been painful using another 1/2" mat. I did not notice any smell when the plastic wrap was removed. Packaging was easy to open, the plastic ripped easily and the plastic band around the middle separated without problems. The elastic carrier is a nice item to keep the mat rolled up. So far everything about the mat is as stated in the advertising. I received what I paid for.
26 0